The following conditions of use apply to all services offered on Kebecweb’s website ( By requesting a subscription to one of our services, you agree that you have and understood the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Please contact us.

KEBECWEB : KEBECWEB ( refers to the company providing a number of services, governed by the terms and conditions below. More information about the company is provided in the following section.

CUSTOMER : The CUSTOMER is you or the company you represent. The CUSTOMER subscribes to a service offered by KEBECWEB.


General Terms

The Company

Based in Quebec, Canada, KEBECWEB offers a variety of Internet solutions to businesses and individuals located in jurisdictions around the world. KEBECWEB’s primary services are renting server space for the purpose of hosting websites, registering domain names, and providing SSL certificates. In addition, KEBECWEB offers serivces including web design, application development and search engine optimization (SEO). KEBECWEB’s goal is to offer top=quality service to its customers and users of its website.


KEBECWEB is not responsible for content published in forums, on blogs, or in other online communities by KEBECWEB employees and/or participants in these communities.

Respect for Privacy

KEBECWEB will not disclose any personal information about its customers. Customers information can be accessed only by administrative staff. Such access is used only for the purpose of providing products and services. For more information, see privacy policy.

Terms of Use

Data Hosting

KEBECWEB provides servers space for web hosting, in order to provide storage space for website data and other related content. To prevent abuse, hosting of all other data will not be tolerated, with the exception of situations that are covered by prior authorization. CUSTOMER disk space is limited to the amount specified in the CUSTOMER’s subscription package. The CUSTOMER may request an increase or decrease in the amount of data available through their subscription package at any time. Any changes will be billed immediately upon the change taking effect.

The CUSTOMER is responsible for the content of all their websites and for keeping their scripts up to date.

Prohibited Data/Content

The following kinds of data/content are strictly prohibited on the Kebecweb servers:

  • Excessively violent content;
  • Racist content;
  • Pro-terrorism websites;
  • Sites that contravene Canadian laws;
  • Websites concerning bestiality, necrophilia and pedophilia;
  • Content that violates copyright laws, trademarks, and intellectual property;
  • Software/scripts used for spamming;
  • Software/scripts used for phishing;

Failure to respect these terms of use will result in the immediate termination of accounts. No refund will be offered.

Data Backup

Data on Kebecweb servers is fully backed up every 24 hours, with backups stored on off-site, external servers. This allows Kebecweb to get servers back online quickly.

Kebecweb will not be held responsible for data loss and/or corruption of customer accounts on our servers. Clients are responsible for data stored on the server.

Dedicated Hosting

Click here for details and conditions of our dedicated server hosting plans.


All CUSTOMERS who have a KEBECWEB RESELLER web hosting account enjoy preferential rates. The level of discount applicable depends on sales. CUSTOMER must contact KEBECWEB to update their account to take into account the latest sales figures. KEBECWEB does not offer any discount if CUSTOMER has not updated their account.

Reseller Packages

Level 1 – 5% = 0-$500 in sales
Level 2 – 7% = $501-$4,500 in sales
Level 3 – 10% = $4,501 -$12,000 in sales
Level 4 – 12% = $12,001-$25,000 in sales
Level 5 – 15% = $25,001 in sales and up

CUSTOMER must have a RESELLER web hosting account in order to qualify for the discounts.

Domain Names

KEBECWEB follows all ICANN regulations concerning domain names.

Domain Renewal

Domain names registered with KEBECWEB must be renewed 14 days minimum before their expiry. CUSTOMERS will receive email notifications that the domain renewal date is approaching. KEBECWEB’s default is to disable automatic renewal as a customer protection measure. This is why a MINIMUM of 14 days is required in order to renew a domain name. If you renew your domain closer to the expiration date, you run the risk of having it blocked and incurring additional costs to unlock it.

SSL Certificates

KEBECWEB adheres to the regulations of all the certification authorities it represents. KEBECWEB-branded SSL certificates are sold under the Kebecweb name but are RapidSSL certificates.

SSL Certificate Ordering

Once you order an SSL certificate, you will be required to provide additional information, such as a CSR and, in the case of a SAN SSL certificate, an alternate domain. It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to install the certificate (and have the necessary technical skills to do so), with the exception of CUSTOMERS whose site(s) is/are hosted on KEBECWEB’s servers. For sites hosted on KEBECWEB servers, KEBECWEB will install the certificates at no additional cost to the CUSTOMER, other than the cost of the dedicated IP required for the SSL certificate to function properly.

SAN SSL Certificates

CUSTOMERS who have ordered a SAN SSL certificate, will receive an email asking for a CSR to validate the order. CUSTOMER must also list all alternate domain names to be covered by the certificate. The SAN must be determined prior to configuring the certificate and cannot be changed later. An additional fee is payable by the CUSTOMER depending on the number of desired SAN, before creating the certificate.

Technical Support

KEBECWEB is committed to providing bilingual technical support, at the earliest, 24 hours a day via the client area through support tickets. Telephone support is only available during opening hours. Support is always faster during office hours.


KEBECWEB does not impose bandwidth limits on CUSTOMERS. However, this does not mean that unlimited bandwidth is available to all CUSTOMERS. Users of a server share bandwidth. If a CUSTOMER’s site uses a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, to the extent that a dedicated server is required, the CUSTOMER will be contacted by KEBECWEB. CUSTOMER websites will not be suspended nor will customers face additional charges for excessive bandwidth use. However, CUSTOMERS must comply with migration to dedicated hosting, if bandwidth use is such that KEBECWEB requires it.

Terms of Sale


To learn more about the guarantees associated with KEBECWEB’s products and services, please refer to the Guarantees page.

Payments, Renewals and Suspensions

New Subscriptions

Payments for new subscriptions are required once invoices are created. Payment must be received prior to any service activation.


CUSTOMERS are informed between 60 and 14 days in advance of the expiration date for their services. An invoice is generated 14 days before the due date. This invoice must be paid by the CUSTOMER before services can be renewed. In the case of web hosting packages, CUSTOMER access to the control panel will be suspended 7 days after the expiration of the service, unless special arrangements have been made. Data will be permanently deleted 30 days after the service’s renewal date. Other services will simply not renew. If CUSTOMERS require special arrangements with respect to renewal payments, it is THEIR responsibility to contact KEBECWEB. KEBECWEB will not be held responsible for consequences arising from subscription or service expiration due to non-payment.

Termination of Service

CUSTOMERS who wish to terminate any service prior to the renewal date, or who wish to suspend a service, must inform KEBECWEB of such, in writing, through the client area of the KEBECWEB site. Refunds may be issued in certain circumstances. For more details, see guarantees.


As a company based in Quebec, Canada, KEBECWEB is legally obligated to charge tax on all sales made in Canada. Tax rates vary depending on province or territory.


Billing is done by KEBECWEB in Canadian dollars.

Duties and Responsibilities

General Obligations

  • CUSTOMER has 30 days from the opening date of a hosting account to receive a full refund.
  • CUSTOMER has 21 days from date of issuance of an SSL certificate to receive a full refund.
  • Domain names are registered to the CUSTOMER for the period indicated in the order, and are non-refundable.

KEBECWEB’s responsibilities towards the CUSTOMER:

  • Maintain proper functioning of all services and assist CUSTOMERS as needed.
  • Ensure server availability and access to servers 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and perform any updates required to maintain a high-quality service. There may be some exceptions, including unforeseen technical problems or network downtime. In the event of major problems, KEBECWEB reserves the right to discontinue service until such time as necessary updates and/or maintenance can be performed.
  • In the event of a prolonged outage, a refund may be issued under KEBECWEB’s 99.9% uptime policy. For more information, please visit the warranties page.
  • KEBECWEB is committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure the physical protection of CUSTOMER data and programs.

CUSTOMER responsibilities towards KEBECWEB:

  • If the CUSTOMER is a company, “contact” person is certified to be an authorized representative thereof.
  • Payments for services must be made in advance for the entire term selected by the CUSTOMER.
  • If a hosting account is created for a CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay the full amount of the subscription, even if CUSTOMER does not use the service. This does not apply to cancellation requests.
  • CUSTOMERS agree to keep their email and mailing address current at all times.
  • The CUSTOMER agrees that all information provided is true and accurate.
  • In the event of non-payment for service, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay to KEBECWEB any collection agency and/or legal fees incurred by KEBECWEB in pursuit of its rights as set out in these terms and conditions.
  • The CUSTOMER agrees to indemnify KEBECWEEB if it contravenes any of the conditions set out in this article.

These terms of use are subject to change without notice and may be reviewed and/or modified by KEBECWEB at any time. It is the CUSTOMER’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with current terms and conditions. KEBECWEB will not be held responsible for CUSTOMER dissatisfaction with terms and conditions. KEBECWEB will promptly reply to any questions about these terms and conditions.