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Fast, Reliable and Secure
Web Hosting

Our cPanel Web Hosting Packages


5.75$ / month

Disk Space: 2 Go
Traffic/month: 25 Go
MySQL Databases: 2
Email Accounts: 5
Multi-site Hosting: 1
Annual Pricing (2 months Free):  55.50$


7.75$ / month

Disk Space: 7 Go
Traffic/month: 150 Go
MySQL Databases: 10
Email Accounts: 25
Multi-site Hosting: 5
Annual Pricing (2 months Free): 87.50$


15.25$ / month

Disk Space: 25 Go
Traffic/month: 500 Go
MySQL Databases: 25
Email Accounts: 60
Multi-site Hosting: 25
Annual Pricing (2 months Free): $152.50

WordPress & WooCommerce

For those looking to venture into online sales without hassle, WordPress combined with WooCommerce provides an intuitive and powerful solution, making the experience as simple as it is effective.


Web Hosting

Our company offers fast, secure, and reliable web hosting services for your website, based on cPanel. You are guaranteed to be fully supported 24/7 by our highly qualified team based in Quebec.

WordPress Web Development

Our seasoned WordPress Web Development team specializes in creating standout WordPress sites. From initial design concepts to crafting a responsive, aesthetically appealing, and user-friendly website, our expertise is deeply rooted in over 10 years of hands-on WordPress web development experience. Whatever your online needs are, we possess the knowledge and skills to exceed your expectations.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce has become the world’s leading eCommerce technology because it is simple to use for beginners and the features are incredibly strong. kebecweb offer multiple eCommerce solutions to match all of your businesses needs.

The WordPress Universe


We have over 12 years experience with WordPress, so whatever it is you need we can deliver.


WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce plug-in. We can modify it, build on it, build custom extensions, or customise existing ones.


With over 50,000 themes in the world we can find the one to suit your needs. We can then modify it to your individual requests.


Plugins are the backbone of your website. We can modify exisiting ones, or build one from scratch.

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